Time Management: The Best of the Basics

time management Nov 18, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

Step ONE: Do the biggest nastiest task first. Eat that frog!
I don't know about you but if I have a big nastiest ugly toad looming over my day.... it makes everything harder. I've built it up into something paralyzing.

Doing that tiny but nasty little frog first, I'm a success! I feel like a winner!

Also, you are already quite productive because you have to identify which task is the frog. It's amazing how wonderful this time management tip is!


Computer work, emails, phone calls, project work. This is four different types of work, requiring your brain to flip from one thing to the other. Draining your mental energy.
While it's not a huge amount of time, if you can be within one system you can complete more tasks altogether without brain drain. Allowing you to focus more.

I even schedule my batching so that I know the time I'm going to fill. Check out my bullet journal or rocket book posts to learn more.


A huge concept. Planning for things to go wrong but not really expecting them too. This doesn't way us down mentally or impact us mentally because we end up using it to do extra things.
Block off a time of your day between 30-1hr for things to catch on fire and be dealt with. If something goes wrong you have time to get back on track. If nothing goes wrong you have time to get the things done that frankly you might never get to otherwise. Like tidying the office, organizing digital content....


My favorite idea. Helps you identify your TOP three most important things of your day.Helping you know where to focus each day. Keeping you on your goals.

This is what time management is all about!

Keeping you focused on your major goals. Making sure I don't forget super important things that HAVE to Happen. I highlight them on my list. Once highlighted, I work on those items only. Until they are done I let the other's go.
If I'm able to get them done, I drop the finished item and highlight a new item. This way I always have top three on my to-do list. Helping me stay super focused.

I hope these helped you out! If it did, please share share share! Post to a group, post to a friend. I just love to hear your favorite tips and tricks you use to make your day productive! Tell me in the comments below.



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