It can feel lonely and depressing working on paper organizing projects. Through games, challenges and discussions in our private non-judgmental & encouraging Facebook Campfire community you’ll not only find moving forward is easy - it’s also fun!


It can be so overwhelming and paralyzing when you’re uncertain about making the right choices with your papers. Having a guide and a community on your side to help you make the right choices can lift that fear & burden.


With a clear path broken down into tiny, doable steps you’ll be able to create papers systems that not only are easy to maintain and use, but that last a lifetime.


Have you ever felt you shouldn’t take time for yourself because you should be tackling your papers instead? Or avoided letting people see parts of your home because you’re embarrassed by your paper clutter? Never again! You’ll finally have the time to fully enjoy the people & things in life that you love - without feeling guilty about your papers “shoulds” again.


What would it be like if you knew you and your loved ones could find any paper you need within seconds? That’s your future as a Pathfinder. You’ll sleep well knowing you are in control and can handle absolutely anything that life throws your way.


If you’re feeling like you’ll never be able to handle all your overwhelming papers, starting with just one small step at a time is the key. Ditch the paper piles - and the guilt and the fear that come with them to finally find the peace, freedom and confidence you so deeply want. It’s possible for you to finally have it all. 

Let’s be honest. 
It can be soooo hard to even get started organizing papers.
So many decisions, uncertainty, distractions and there never seems to be enough energy or time to even make a dent.
Even more right now, when life is crazier than ever….
The one thing that’s certain - having small, clear steps to take, and a whole community of people to encourage you, add accountability and stand by your side makes organizing papers SO much easier. 
That’s why I created the Paper Path Membership with the private Pathfinder’s Campfire community!
With the Paper Path membership, my goal is to break down the overwhelm and uncertainty around paper organizing and bring people together in a course & community to work side by side, encourage each other and finally conquer the most daunting part of our homes….and create a permanent peace & joy in our lives.
I struggled with papers much of my life. Through years of research, training and working with others just like me (and you), I’ve created a way to take the mystery and fear out of organizing papers. To finally find that peace and confidence with my paper, so I can spend more time with the people & activities that are really important to me instead.
I’d love to share my journey and guide you down the path of the easy steps I took to get there so you can have that freedom and peace in your life, too.
Maybe you’ve tried to get your papers organized in the past and it didn’t work. Or you’ve thought you’re hopeless and destined to never “have it all together.” I know how hard it can be to even get started with those first steps.
But this time can be different. This time you’ll have support, motivation and guidance the whole way. Along with the rest of the amazing Pathfinder community you’ll organize with small steps together.
Below you’ll find everything you need to get started TODAY and take the first step to get results fast. 
It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking to refine your current paper systems or if you’re drowning in paper with no idea how to begin. You don’t need to figure that out alone. Follow me and I’ll lead the way. 
You just need to take the first step - join me and others on the Paper Path.


 You need clear steps to follow to one final goal

 You feel stuck, overwhelmed & alone when dealing with papers

 You get lost & experience “decision-paralysis” 

 You try to make it perfect but it always falls apart

 You’ve started in the past but lost focus and never finished

 You’ve tried several times before, but it never stuck

 You keep saying “one day” or putting it off till “later”

 You hate that you can’t simply “just do it”

Here’s what our Pathfinders have done together:

"For many years I have prayed to get organized. I have always kept everything. Suzanna Kaye is my Angel. Her paper sorting ideas and motivation has helped me go through years of papers in such a short time, I’m still in shock. Nothing has ever helped me the way she has. She is a real blessing to me. I am so very grateful."

-Candy from Arizona

"The time and energy that has gone into this ‘Paper Path' is so very apparent. This is so well thought out. simple, every day small steps are the answer to creating a program that is manageable from which you can get the results you need."

-L. Vaccarello

"The thing I’ve learned is to forgive myself for not always being able to get everything done as quickly as I like. I started out great then had some obligations that stopped me for awhile but even during that time, I found ways to do tiny bits that still kept me moving forward on organizing. I’m no longer overwhelmed even though I still have a lot of papers to go through."

-Laura L. 

"Because of my husband’s illness, the kitchen table piled up with medical and personal papers. No time to organize. Then when he died, more papers came. I cleaned off some. It was so overwhelming that when Suzanna talked about the Paper Path, I prayed about it and joined on the last day. I knew her system was the motivation I needed. It is worth the money!!!



A clear path laid out one small step at a time

Through a secure online library you’ll focus on only one small action at a time to help you sort through old papers and create a system & a home for all your paper.

Useful Games & Exciting Challenges

In the private Facebook Campfire Group we hold fun paper sorting & organizing challenges and games such as Paper Bingo, the Paper Sorting Challenge and more.

Private Facebook Group

We call it the Campfire. Just like the girl scouts, this is a judgment-free and private space where we can have fun, share, encourage each other and build the relationships & accountability that make success so much easier.

How-To’s & Resources

From checklists, templates and guides to videos and resources, you’ll find an ever-growing library of tools & advice to help you along the way.

Which membership option is best for you?

Spark Organizing, led by Suzanna Kaye, has been helping people get organized since 2006. Spark has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

You can pause or cancel your membership anytime. You may cancel within the first 7 days for a full refund. After that, canceling stops future billing and you will have access through the current billing period. Pausing your membership allows you to retain your current rates. You may pause for up to 3 months per year. Although rates may increase in the future, your rate will never go up for as long as your membership is active.


Join now if you're ready to finally...

 Get your papers organized for good

Find any paper you need within minutes

 Sort through all those old papers

 Know exactly what to do with every paper

 Be proud to show off your files

 Have more energy and motivation

 Spend more time doing what you really love




Meet your papers guide - Suzanna Kaye

Suzanna Kaye has been an Organizing & Productivity Coach for over 14 years, helping women become more organized - without all the extra rules and boring stuff. Her methods may be a bit out-of-the-box, but the results are REAL!! And that's what it's all about.


Paper organizing doesn’t have to be scary - and you don’t have to do it alone. Try the Paper Path Membership for yourself. If you don’t feel more hopeful, unstuck and motivated and start seeing real results after 7 days, simply send us an email within days for a full refund. I know you can do this - and we’re all here to help you succeed!

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