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3 Areas to Organize to Create a Fresh Start

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2021

Are you one of the people vowing to organize and make a fresh start this year?

I hear this all the time…..

“This year, I will finally get organized!”

That’s a HUGE goal - and it can be overwhelming unless we break it down into smaller steps. Let’s start with 3 CRUCIAL AREAS that you need to focus on FIRST to create that massive change (mentally and in your home) this year.

You ready? Read on!!

1. Expired Items

What better way to start a new chapter in your life than by clearing out the clutter in your home? Whether it’s food, medications or even your makeup—expired items in your house take up too much space AND energy.

Because hey, it happens - no matter how organized and “together” you have it, things expire. When they do, that emotional weight you feel when you open that medicine drawer or pantry drains your energy and leaves you with guilt and a ton of “shoulds.”

When you lessen the unnecessary stuff hiding in drawers, shelves, and especially the fridge, you allow better things to come into your life.

So shake off the guilt, go through your items, and let go of what’s already expired!

This is your fresh start. It can be tedious sometimes—but it’s worth it. 

2. Paper Piles

Piles and piles of paper lying around… talk about visual stress!

This is one of my FAVORITE areas to declutter because of how it impacted my life (and I didn’t notice how it drained me until I got it under control!)

When you create a simple paper system for incoming mail and active papers, it frees up a LOT of mental space.

Having piles of unsorted paper and mail around the house increases your anxiety levels. It gives your brain a subtle script of “Oh no, what might I be forgetting? There’s so much I need to do…” and it gives you one more reason to worry in your day.

Don’t let this kind of stress take over your mental space - take control! Sort them out if you can and contain them to clear up your visible space. (You don’t have to finish all the to-dos - just give them a safe and organized home where you know you won’t forget or lose anything.)

I promise you, it’s a MASSIVE stress relief!

3. Clothes Closet

This is where you go first thing in the morning… but what do you find?

Is it a complete and utter disaster? (don’t worry, you’re not alone!)

If you find yourself searching through clothes that don’t fit or you don’t feel good in, your confidence will take a hit!

Aim for an organized and peaceful bedroom by keeping only the clothes that you enjoy and currently fit you in your main closet. (If you need to keep other sizes there are ways to store those out of your main space until you need them.) 

When you start your day with a closet that makes you feel happy its a MAJOR boost to your self-esteem. It’s also an AMAZING way to start your day off right!!! Goodbye, morning frustrations, hello feeling amazing about yourself.

Now is the perfect time to refresh your closet—go through your clothes, organize them, and remove what you don’t need or enjoy.

Don’t worry, doing these things doesn’t have to be tedious or overwhelming...

Check out my YouTube channel ( for my best techniques to make organizing and maintaining your closet ridiculously easy!

Sounds amazing?

Click here to check out the channel!

So that’s it! 3 areas that you need to organize first so you can have a fresh start, a new you, and a peaceful home.

Once you’ve finished with these 3 areas break other parts of your home into small bites as well. You can absolutely do this, Beautiful!!! This is a new you - and you’re ready to SHINE! 


Suzanna Kaye


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