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5 Organizing Mistakes You’ve Probably Made

orgainzing Jul 29, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

Every time I see an article that tells me I’ve made mistakes I have to click on it. More curious than anything. 

I have to know if I’m a boob. Usually, I’m just positive that I’m going to come out on top, confident that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes as everyone else. Yet, I start reading and nodding my head.

So, of course, it’s my turn to write an article to make you nod your head and sigh. Yeah, we’ve all done these.

Drum roll, please……..

The TOP 5 Organizing Mistakes, you’ve probably made are:

The TOP 5 Organizing Mistakes

5. Making it HARD!!
Seriously, it does not have to be a chore. I’m not trying to trick you here and tell you that cleaning the house isn’t a chore but organizing is not the same as cleaning. It’s more like a puzzle. You get to put like with like and find them a home. Okay, maybe a bit of detective work but that’s fun too.

Better than just cranking up the tunes, get a friend involved! Or hire a professional. Which again, doesn’t have to be hard. (And I think we’re kind of fun people!) Think of it like this, you can do your hair but it’s better to see a professional. The process of getting my hair washed and colored makes me feel pampered, and the style comes out so much better. Getting a professional organizer is like pampering your house. Plus, they come with so many tricks and ideas gathered through many years of experience that you can benefit from. Totally worth it!

4. Keeping too much stuff.
We all do it, but clutter kills. This is where getting help really matters. Whether you get a girlfriend who will tell you straight or a professional to do it with you, doing this with someone can make all the difference.

3. Getting distracted.
I’m not the only one that doesn’t come back when I walk away. I can get up to get a drink, realize four hours have passed and just let my project sit there for days waiting for me to return. Oops.

My favorite tips to avoiding this? Have a box near the door you’re working in for stuff that goes in other rooms so you’re not walking away. Set a timer for 15 minutes and every time it goes off ask yourself if you’re staying on task!

2. Not following through.
Sounds like getting distracted, but this is when you literally just stop. Happens to the best of us. Bite off smaller projects, get help, you get the idea. Try for hour-long projects instead of days-long.mistakes

And the #1 Mistake people make when ORGANIZING…….

1. Buying containers before you know what you need!!!!!
It’s soooooo tempting. You see those cute baskets at Target / Ikea / the Dollar Store, you know that just buying them will force you to organize. Or that you can’t think of where you need them, but you’re sure you’ll find a purpose for them.

Take a moment to put down your drink so you don’t hurt yourself laughing. You know better. Those cute containers end up in the garage.

Do yourself a favor, organize first, buy later. Use what you have temporarily – shoe boxes, Amazon boxes, and Tupperware make great temporary storage. Isn’t a purposeful, guilt-free shopping trip for the perfect cute bins a great reward for a job well done?
Your wallet will thank you, too!

Well, did you find yourself nodding your head?

Tell me in the comments which one you’ve fallen for! Or, which ones did I miss?

(You heard that I’ve done all of these myself, right? No judgment here)


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