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Confession of an Organizer: Baskets

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

Baskets aren't an addiction. How do I figure that? Well, there are no support groups. As long as there are no support groups, I'm going to stick with it's not an addiction.

Of course, by this logic my Amazon shopping habits aren't a problem either.....

Let's get real though, baskets can actually be a problem. I love baskets, containers, bags, bins, and find them to be beautiful, functional and useful. However, I've seen the dirty side.

Dare I say, their dark side. baskets

Baskets can be clutter. Plus, they need to be cleaned due to lots of places for dust to collect. They're an expensive habit.

Let's talk about a classic problem situation. You seriously want to get organized so you start on Pinterest. Seduced by photos of sleek closets and beautifully organized pantries you contemplate, "Container Store or Family Dollar.... hmm.." You make your decision and go. Loading your shopping cart with cute containers, woven containers, fabric bins.

Visions of sleek closets dance before your eyes! baskets

You unload your amazing Target buys straight into the corner of the garage. Where they slowly die from neglect. Broken dreams. Sigh....

That's not how it's done, folks. Yet, it's how most of us diy'ers start out.

So here's a tip: Figure out your space and what you're putting into containers before you get your baskets.


Baskets can be a simple, elegant way to make any space function better. A total WIN. Do it. Let them make a statement on your nightstand. Hide your charging things in the kitchen or make your pantry more elegant.

Seek a support group if they're gathering in the corners of your home. If they're creeping up your stairs and cluttering your closet you might need to check your security cameras for sprites.

What's your favorite kind of basket? Or where have you scored your favorite basket? Tell me in the comments. I have a basket from Poland purchased at a German Market. I wish I'd purchased more...



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