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Organizing Memorabilia

organize Oct 01, 2019

By Ruth Zeman

Organizing precious memorabilia can leave most of us shaking in a cold sweat. Afraid to do anything in case we mess it up! 

Between knowing what to save, how to save it and who it was from, the decisions that must be carefully made seem never-ending. This can make dealing with our memorabilia very stressful.

It's enough to tempt the average person to light a match and just watch it all burn.

You're above average. You've probably never had such an irresponsible thought. Trust me, it's tempting.  However, you need to deal with this before our lovely Florida weather makes the decision for you! Otherwise, mold, heat, humidity, will destroy our precious photos, lovely dresses, and fabrics. See below how professionals deal with these issues (in the video).


After watching the video, I'm inspired to press flowers. Aren't you? What a simple, inexpensive, yet extremely romantic way to make a moment in time precious. In our high-tech world, it's easy to forget the simple solutions.

Planning in advance for what memorabilia to collect, like postcards to make into a memory book seems rather genius to me and I'm excited to try it! Memory Boxes are also something I haven't thought much about that I will be picking up in the future.

In conclusion, I'm hoping you got some very practical tips that you can apply now. I'd love to hear what your favorite tip was. Tell me in the comments what project you need to get started on. Or head over to my Facebook page and show me a picture so I can guide you in the comments.  HERE




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