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You Are the Keeper of the Magic

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

As the holiday season rolls out the red carpet some of us sigh in delight. Just as many of us sigh, feeling "meh".  That feeling that the magic of the season just isn't what it once was. We look around and just can't seem to get into the flow of the season. Even when in your heart you're positive this is your favorite season. 

I had a friend, who is a blogger, mention that she had been looking for the magic of her childhood and she was coming up short. She finally realized that she was the keeper of the magic. The reason she was feeling a lack was because she wasn't creating the magic.

The parties, the baking, the decorating were all hers.

As mothers, wives, dare I say - grown-ups, we go through a transition that not all of us realized happened. We went from just experiencing the magic to actually being in charge of the magic. Before you want to curl up under the covers and hide from all the added work you've just imagined, let me reassure you - it's not a bad thing to be in charge of the magic. magic

My friend had been making sure to go to all the parties, decorate the tree perfectly, and do all the baking. She loved the baking, hated the tree in its perfect state, and wanted to avoid most of the parties. She sat down and made a list of what made Christmas magical for her. Music, sipping hot chocolate while listening to carols, driving around looking at Christmas lights, cluttered trees stuffed with child-made ornaments and homemade cookies.

She adjusted accordingly and started to feel downright magical. Out went half of the parties, down when the decorator ornaments she was afraid of breaking. More fudge was made. The Magic bloomed in her heart as she got to do what she truly loved. magic

I promptly made a personal list of what Christmas things are important to me and discovered I was doing plenty of things that didn't need to happen. Fudge can be bought, it's special to me no matter who makes it. The kids can make it if they want.


What makes your Holiday magical?

You can pick and choose what you do. Give yourself permission to just enjoy and watch the magic bloom all around you.

Because Beautiful - YOU are the Keeper of the Magic!


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