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How to Gratitude Journal

gratitude Jun 28, 2019
By Suzanna Kaye

Today we're talking about gratitude journals.

I know, I know, I'm one more person talking about being grateful. We do this though because it's so effective. Plus, it's super important to incorporate this into our organizing plan.

When we're grateful for our stuff it makes us more satisfied and content. Able to say no to buying more stuff. You'll be happier with what you do have and be able to let go of what you don't need. Pretty magical right? You'll feel confident with what you have and grateful for what you're keeping.

So Gratitude is even important in organizing. Pretty always important right?

But today I want to cover the HOW of gratitude journaling. There's no right way to do this. One of my favorite ways is with a gratitude jar. Simply put an attractive jar somewhere you'll see it often and add some pretty pieces of paper nearby. When you can, drop a line on the paper for something that inspired you. Then when you need a pick me up, go back and read all the things you've put into the jar.

The other way I like to do, and I try for pretty much every day but..... is using a journal. I can always tell when I've fallen off the wagon cause life doesn't work quite as well when my focus is off. Having a focused outlook on gratitude is basically a superpower.

"I'm thankful for Winnie the Pooh. The simple old stories are comforting."

One of the main keys here is to not just write down what you're grateful for but why you're grateful. This helps in a few ways by allowing us to be grateful for some of the same things over and over because we're motivated by new things but also when you go back and read what you've written you won't need to stretch your mental powers to remember what you were thinking.

It's a solid exercise that helps you focus your gratitude.

So to sum up, it doesn't need to be complicated or long. Use a nice notebook especially if you delight in those things like I do. You'll be treating yourself well in more ways than one.

Write out why. How this has improved your life.

Do it daily. Set a reminder in your phone or calendar as you get started so you don't forget. Habits take time but as we've learned from Gretchen Rubin (Read why I love her here) making habits can set us up for success. If you can, tie it to an existing habit. Brushing your teeth in the morning. Getting ready for bed at night. You get the idea.

And finally, keep it up! This has made such an amazing difference in my life and home. I'm confident it will also bless you. Let me know in the comments if you already have a journal. Show me a picture if you have a pretty one. Or let me know if you're going to start journaling now! 

Tell me, do you schedule your daily tasks?

With so much love,

Suzanna Kaye

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