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Room by Room Organizing the Lazy Way

organizing Aug 30, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

What's the Lazy way to Organize you ask?

Trust me, you're gonna like this. Basically, it's tips from the experts (us - you got that we're the experts right?) on how to make organizing effortless.


Your house on AUTO-PURGE

I know, you're skeptical. You have kids, pets, a husband. You know they couldn't possibly be trained. But maybe they could be trained? Picture this, your children cleaning the room. You're in the kitchen baking cookies. They come and ask for you to inspect their work... It's amazing. Love swells in your heart as you pull freshly baked cookies out of the oven to their cheers of delight.

Yeah, that's just a fantasy. I figured if I had to suffer from reality you can too.....

So back to the Lazy Way.

For starts, we buy our cookies at the store. It's easier and doesn't heat up the house or make extra dishes. lazy way

Grab a Large Bin. Put it in a closet or a spot in the garage. I have it in my entryway closet at the bottom. It's for charity. Get in the habit of purging because of natural space limitations. That's right, avoid too many problems by giving to those in need!


Your pantry can look beautiful without you having to put everything in the same container as you see on Pinterest. Enter BASKETS. Group snack, soup packets, small things in like situations - throw them together!

TA-DA Beautiful!

Consider grouping by meal too. Taco night has shells, taco seasonings, and a list of the items in the fridge. This is an opportunity to teach kids meal planning - the Lazy Way. Do it once and it keeps working. Whew.


A basket on or next to your nightstand. Piles become beautiful. No, it doesn't fool anyone but it suddenly looks refreshing and beautiful. If you're a book nerd like myself consider covering a short bookcase with a table cloth. Then you can have literally piles of books right at your fingertips but all neatly tucked away. Or at least hidden so your room remains peaceful-looking!

Nighttime pill. Cute basket, pretty tray, a new container with lid. Yes, you can transfer pills into a new container, I trust you to use good judgement here.lazy way

Consider putting them on your pillow when you make your bed or if you put them in a cute basket, clip your phone charger to the little basket. You'll see the pills and be reminded when you plug in your phone for the night. If you went with the - on the pillow trick - then you'll just need to get into the habit of putting them back on your pillow in the morning.

Whether your dresser is in your room or in your closet, don't overfill the drawers. It will actually trick your eye to seeing them as more organized! Neat right? Oh, they're stuffed? Remember the big bin we started with? Yeah.... use it.


Add a shelf on top. Yup - way up there. It will keep you from overstuffing above your head and is a great space for memorabilia.

BASKETS! Makes everything look on purpose and easier to pull things down. Giving things natural weight limits as well. Do yourself a favor, heavy items that you could pull down onto your head? Put those down low.

Okay, as far as lazy ways to organize a closet, I can go on for days here but ultimately it comes down to the biggest favor you can do here is DO NOT STUFF IT.


The laziest way to look tidy is to let go of too much. lazy way

Sounds really really easy but you're giving me the evil eye cause you understand that if it was that easy you'd have done it years ago. Yeah, we know that too.

It's okay. Where you are today is great. You totally get brownie points for reading this whole article!

One step at a time.

So that ultimate tip of letting go comes with a gentle pat and a reminder that baby steps totally work for the win. Even doing it the LAZY way wins.

I could go on all day, so stay tuned! There will definitely be more LAZY tips. 




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