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Organized for SCHOOL! 5 Tips For Better Grades

productivity Sep 23, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

No joke. You can do this.

Sure you can put organizers in your locker but that's not really what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about better grades because you're organized people! Yeah, better grades! Seriously. Here we go, 5 tips that will help you get better grades: 

Let's start with your BackPack.

You absolutely need binders and folders.  Then you have to put your paperwork INTO the folders, in the binders. This is not rocket science but we all have our moments. I've seen the odd paper slipped into a bag and I know it's wrinkled beyond recognition in moments. The extra step of putting the paperwork into the proper folder and keeping your papers in a binder is key. Your papers are then crisp and easily located when needed. This makes for a better presentation, which makes for a better grade.  Trust me.

Binders with Folders

Since I'm already here, let me tell you about binders and folders. This is a very simple system. Put in a folder per class. One side of the folder is to take home, one side is to bring to school.  Doing your homework is great, turning in your homework is key. (I had a kid that struggled here. He'd do it, then leave it wadded at the bottom of his backpack. Sigh)

Yes, folks, surprise surprise, turning in completed homework is the best way to get good grades.  A far better grade than 0.

organize for schoolColor Code

Organizers love color coding for good reason. It works! It's science. Your brain loves colors. Using the same color over and over again helps build memory pathways. Protecting your brain as you get older.

I had a friend who liked to use colored pens to study. She would assign a color to a section that she knew was on the test. Memorize it, while writing it out in that color. Marking a stripe of color on her hand. Then using color association she would be able to look at the color to remember the text. She made great grades.....

You don't need to go that far but there is a certain magic in using the same color to identify a subject each and every time.

Pencil Holder

I get that it's becoming unpopular to have a pencil holder but do it. Preferably one that clips into your binder. Don't rely on your teachers to have your supplies. If you need a pencil, have one ready. Need a pen? Have one ready. Need binder paper? Put it in your binder and fill as needed. Being prepared, not begging stuff off your neighbor saves you time and stress. Just, be prepared.

organize for schoolDigital Clutter Buster

While most of these tips were for students this one is for you Mom. Clear out your inbox. Yup, that means you have to go in and check the 42,000 emails that you don't want to deal with. It's okay. Deleting things over a year old won't hurt anything. Deep breaths.

Having a clean inbox is a beautiful thing. Make yourself a school folder for 2017. Keep your inbox clear. Use an app to unsubscribe from emails you never open. This will be a breath of fresh air. The weight of all those emails in your brain will be released. I'm not kidding. You'll physically feel better.

Which, will help jr. make better grades. Cause when Momma's Happy - Everyone's Happy.


Now I'm sure you realize there are tons of ways to organize yourself to be productive.

Tell me in the comments what you think is important when you get organized for school.


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