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Take the STRESS out of Travel!

travel May 17, 2019


Take the STRESS out of Travel!

Author: Ruth Zeman

While we love to travel here at Spark, we have a friend who is literally an expert in the field. Yes, we have friends!

WELCOME our friend: Rachelle from

Before you head over to her site and pour over her truly gorgeous photos bookmark this list!

She's made us a list of her very BEST packing tips to take the stress out of travel.  She would know, she travels constantly. Whether you're flying by plane, driving, or cruising, these are the tips you need to thrive.

My personal favorite is her tips on staying healthy.

She understands my desire to eat myself under the table while on vacation but how I also don't want to dread the scale upon returning to normal. Suzanna doesn't feel the same way, she's someone who actually forgets to eat. I don't know if I've ever forgotten....

I digress.

You're going to want to read them all - so do bookmark this list.

Thanks Rachelle for putting this together!

Here's a list of our most popular packing tips!

And if you have any major packing challenges that these articles don't address, just reply back and let us know! We'd be happy to help.

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