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Top Travel Safety Tips for How to Keep your Kids Out of Harm's Way

travel Jul 22, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

Keep your children safe with these travel safety tips

The holidays are a time when many of us travel.

Plus, everyone has a better trip when they feel and stay safe.

We all tend to get excited or distracted when going to visit relatives or on vacation. So it's important when traveling with your kids to follow these general travel safety tips that will help you through airport security, managing good health and more. 

Safety Tips

The following are important general safety tips to follow no matter how you are getting to your destination:

  • Put an ID necklace or tag on your child for when traveling in airports, train stations, etc. Be sure to include your contact information and an alternate contact's information. Do not put your child’s name in a visible place as this can be used to lure your child away from you. Their name should be on the inside or backside of the ID.
  • Bring a photo of your child in case you get separated. Make sure it is a physical copy in case your phone isn't accessible or you are incapacitated.


Image of Travel Safety Tips from Spark Organizing of Orlando, FL.

  • Older children should know how to contact you and where to go if you get separated. Always, have a meeting place or plan. Even adults benefit from having a meeting place plan. 
  • Know what your child is wearing. Intentionally dress your kids in bright clothes. If possible wear the same bright-colored or patterned shirts yourself. This strategy makes you easy to spot.  And it helps people figure out which adult is the child’s parent and locate them if they find your child.
  • Finally, wear comfortable shoes. If a little one takes off running, you need to be able to move quickly.

When traveling by auto keep these travel safety tips in mind:

  • Check seat belts and car seats before leaving for comfort and visibility. If seat belts need more padding or an adjusting clip, do so before the day of the trip.
  • Make sure car seats leave enough visibility to see out windows easily. Make sure car seats are appropriate for your child's age and safely secured.
  • An upcoming trip is an excellent time to double-check if you need to update your car seat. If you're in the U.S. stop by the fire station to check that your seats are installed correctly.

travel safety tipsTips for airport security

  • Check with airlines about carry-on restrictions including size, weight, and contents. Do so ahead of time.
  • Leave extra time to go through security.  Stressed-out parents lead to distressed kids. You and your child should wear slip-on shoes.
  • Prepare to remove your child from their stroller or carrier before going through security.
  • Make passing through security an educational experience. Explain how x-rays work and if possible let them see the screens nearby.  Explain what will happen to little kids to reduce fear. Laugh and make it a fun time to reduce anxiety. Kids look to their parents to see if they should be afraid of a new experience.
  • Make sure kids know not to joke about “a bomb in the bag” or any other suspicious activity. Even a joke from a child can delay the whole family in getting through security.
  • Bring non-liquid snacks. You can usually buy beverages once you have passed through security.
  • Inform security if your child has special needs or devices. If your child is disabled, let them know what your child is capable of (standing, walking, etc.) and what they are not able to do. Stay with them to help reduce fears.
  • To fly with breast milk or juice over 3 ounces, you must declare these items before screening. Separate these items from other liquids and store in a zip-top bag. These items may be subject to extra testing.

Health Tips

  • The day before make sure your children get extra rest, fluids, and healthy meals.
  • Install car sunscreens – even for older kids.
  • Open front windows in cars can be irritating to backseat passengers. So can too much sun. Even older children can benefit from sunglasses and a car sunshade.
  • When flying time breastfeeding or bottles with taking off or landing. This strategy will help relieve ear popping.
  • Always use sunscreen – even for non-beach or pool trips! The sun can penetrate clothing and car windows, so if you will be out for awhile protect your kids.

travel safety tipsAdditional Travel Safety Tips

  • Bring a night light for overnight stays.
  • A carrier to put on your back or front for an infant is often easier than a stroller.
  • Find kid-friendly restaurants along your route with
  • Bungee cord car seats, backpacks, etc. to rolling luggage if possible.
  • Pack kid backpacks with their favorite toy, ID, snacks, and other necessities. Have them help you pack.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. You can change when you get to your destination if needed. Drawstring or loose elastic pants, stretchy, loose tops or tank tops, a sweater (for cooler air-conditioned cars and planes) slip-on shoes, and comfy socks are best. Get silly socks for the car gift bag. It adds a layer of fun! Silly sunglasses, hats, etc. are also fun.
  • It is possible to rent baby items when away from home. Playpens, strollers and more are available from such places as Baby’s Away and other rental sites.
  • Use lists!

As you can see, there are a lot of travel safety tips to follow when traveling with your children.

Bookmark this article so you can easily find it before your next trip.

Following our general safety tips, airport security tips, health tips, and others are a great way to stay safe when traveling. Plus they help keep you organized. ;)

Have a great trip and stay safe!


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