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About Suzanna Kaye

Hi, Beautiful! I'm Suzanna Kaye. Since 2006 I've been a professional organizer, productivity trainer & LinkedIn Learning/ Author. I've taught over a million people online and in person to be more organized and productive. 
But here's the real stuff...
Confession: I was definitely NOT born organized! I struggled for years to find the methods that worked for me – and what didn’t. (A LOT of what didn’t.) As an adult I was also diagnosed with ADHD. I’ve spent decades diving into the psychology of organizing and personality types.
And that’s what drives me. I remember the years thinking “why can’t I just get it together like everyone else can?” After I left my corporate job I discovered the field of professional organizing. And I was instantly in love. Helping other women skip those years of struggle, trial and error was my calling. And I knew I could do it in a way that’s encouraging, fun, uplifting and with absolutely no judgment.
By getting out from under the guilt and heaviness of disorganization I know women can shine brighter in the world. When you have peace and control in your home, you have the energy for the important things in life. It affects your entire being.
And that’s what drives me every day. It’s why I created Spark! Organizing and my online programs including the Spark! Life Binder and Mind Your Home. It’s what excites me as I guide and encourage through speaking and sharing.
Join me if you want to learn the easy ways to change your home, my favorite tricks for organizing and productivity, ADHD tricks to make it easier and how to keep it all together (And yes, the occasional conversation about Thin Mints and Big Bang Theory… All the important stuff in life.)
I'm thrilled to connect with you!
With so much love,

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