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We’re Hiring A Project Manager

The deadline to submit is this Thursday, May 14th at 11:59pm EDT.

If you’ve got talent burning a hole in your pocket, wishing your job really made use of your skills, you might be just the person I’m looking for.

(You don't need to have tons of experience - the right basic skills, personality, passion, drive & attitude are more important.)

I’m Suzanna Kaye.

You might know me from my LinkedIn Learning/ courses, Good Day Orlando segments, or from the courses, groups and webinars I offer to help women find peace and confidence through reducing the clutter in their homes. I’ve got a ton of exciting new projects in the works this year…so many that I need a hand to get them all done.

A few questions, if I may…

  • Are you a proud Type A with a positive attitude and growth mindset?
  • Do you love learning new platforms and programs, as long as they work?
  • Do you love leading & managing people? You get along well with others and enjoy helping them succeed, but you also get things done.
  • Are you the one that friends go to for help, when their shortcut didn’t work?
  • Do you love watching from the back of the stage, knowing that the show was able to go on because of all your behind-the-scenes work?
  • Are you willing to roll up your sleeve and complete necessary tasks yourself when there isn't a team member in place to take them on yet?
  • Do you like to grow within a company, enjoying the knowledge you were an essential part of the company's success?
  • Are you patient and flexible when needed while still keeping your eye on the goal and moving things forward.
  • When there's an obstacle, do you bring solutions to the table, ready to move forward and overcome?

I’m looking for an Online Business Manager to serve as the control center and get-it-done person for all the exciting expansion happening with my brand…not just this year, but beyond.

That’s right…this is a part-time remote position with a goal of leading to full time in the future.

  • Not a temporary or project-based gig.
  • Not a consulting contract.

An honest-to-goodness growing opportunity that, it just so happens, you can do from anywhere.

I don’t need you to be an Internet marketing expert yourself. I can teach you all that. (I've spent years studying that.) But I do need you to have a solid understanding of technology - Internet, Google Drive, Facebook Groups, spreadsheets, tracking projects & tasks virtually, email services such as Drip or MailChimp, etc. (If any of those phrases or programs are brand new to you, this likely is not the perfect position for you.)

I need you to make sure that the Spark! Organizing and Suzanna Kaye brand stays consistent and reliable, from start to finish, with each project we put out.

I’ll be straight with you: This position has high expectations.

But if you’re the person I’m looking for, you’re the type who gets motivated by high expectations.

Thinking this job is tailor-made for you? Read on to learn more.

  • The Online Business Manager (OBM) is the nucleus of each project. He/she will be held responsible for how well things get done in the project.
  • The OBM will evaluate each project daily to make sure it’s on pace, and prioritize the product flow as needed.
  • The OBM is in charge of leading the entire team and communicating expectations, helping them succeed and grow in their position and setting expectations for current and future workload needs. As additional team members are required, it will be the OBM's responsibility to head up the hiring process. If a team member is struggling or no longer a good fit for the role, the OBM will identify the problem and communicate it with suggested solutions to Suzanna.
  • The OBM works with team members such as the graphic designer, video & audio editor, copywriter, virtual assistant and others that come on board as needed. These are usually outside contractors, mostly from overseas with differing time zones, language skills and systems, and working on other outside projects at the same time. The OBM will be responsible for getting regular status updates from them and tracking progress in the project management system (currently Notion.) 
  • OBM is responsible for making sure SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) are created, followed and deadlines are met by each team member.
  • The OBM reviews each deliverable or project segment to make sure it’s a working segment (i.e. a segment can be an opt-in page or delivery workflow).
  • The OBM manages the project management system as a whole, and oversees the Master Task List to ensure necessary tasks are progressing.
  • The OBM will schedule and run quick 'stand-up' meetings with the team and Suzanna on a regular basis, making sure their team members are focused and moving forward on the right deliverable item. These 'stand-up' meetings are usually structured like this: A 15-minute (often) daily meeting where the OBM discovers 3 things:
    • What was accomplished since the last daily standup
    • What is going to be accomplished before the next stand up
    • What is holding them back from accomplishing their tasks
  • The OBM will also do a weekly Stand Up with brand owner/leadership. (That’s me.)
  • The OBM tests and proofreads everything, serving as the final check before something goes live.
  • The OBM is responsible for knowing if the work being delivered by the team is on brand and of appropriate quality.
  • The OBM  will QC each task to ensure that it is ready to publish. And if it’s not, the OBM will require more work on the task.
  • The OBM will also, at the beginning of this position, be responsible for their own recurring tasks until we grow into the next level of team assistance. These tasks may include: basic content curation & creation for our Facebook & Membership platforms, updating email sequences, website pages, workflows and other front-facing systems and assets when required, answering basic customer service emails and posts in social media, moderating the Facebook Group and encouraging conversation & growth. Researching & implementing new systems, software, programs and technology. Additional tasks may also be required as needed. Tasks will change as we are able to bring on more support team members. 
  • The OBM will work one on one with Suzanna to brainstorm & create project structures & timelines. This collaboration will be the foundation of the project roadmaps and is essential to the company's success.

Here’s who this position is not for:

  • Those looking for a “side job” while growing their own business, then this isn’t for you.
  • People who have a lot going on already, and don’t have the time and focus needed to create quality content.
  • The people who haven’t read a non-fiction book (or podcast or blog) about business or marketing in a very long time.
  • Those who aren’t willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Those who prefer to be front-facing content creators and idea generators
  • Those who love to start projects, get excited about bringing new ideas to the table, but lose interest or momentum on the way to the finish line.
  • People who are inflexible, judgmental or rigid in their approach to work & people.

However, this position is for a person who:

  • Is resourceful & a creative problem-solver. 
  • Can handle stress and deadlines.
  • Works very well with other people of multiple cultures and can build rapport quickly with both team members and vendors.
  • Has great attention to detail and brand quality.
  • Is not locked into just working 9-5 but embraces an “until it gets done” attitude.
  • Is a high-functioning communicator.
  • Is organized and proactive.
  • Takes ownership and pride in their work.
  • Is not afraid of new challenges.
  • Loves learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly.
  • Adapts really well to changes on-the-go.
  • Is technology savvy.
  • Can handle direct & blunt feedback.
  • Can juggle lots of moving pieces while staying collected.
  • Is driven to make the world a better place by empowering & encouraging women.
  • Is passionate about the Spark! brand and what we do. Finds the topics of organizing & productivity inspiring and can't wait to learn and share them with others.
  • Wants a passion and purpose in their work, not just a job to get a paycheck.
  • Loves to grow into new, higher positions within a company, proud that their ground-level work builds each new step up along the way.

Here’s what the right person will love about this position:

  1. You’ll be paid to do what you already get a kick out of: learning new ways to make things work.
  2. You’ll get to do your work from anywhere: your living room, the coffee shop, a hotel pool, a blanket fort…
  3. You’ll get to work in a growing, woman-focused company with limitless possibilities for company, product & personal growth (both right now and in the future).
  4. You’ll learn the ins and outs of online marketing, content development, nurturing an online community, encouraging followers, inspiring teams and building a brand with a massive audience online.
  5. You’ll also see “behind the scenes” of how an online education and content company works, grows and thrives.
  6. You’ll be part of a company that has one main goal: Helping women gain confidence, find freedom and feel hopeful & connected. Through the skills of decluttering and organizing, these women also learn overall life and mental skills & habits that empower them to embrace more of life and grow into their full potential.

Sound like what you’ve been looking for?

Fill out this short survey and send it my way. I'll be reviewing applications over the following weeks. Can’t wait to hear from you!

The deadline to submit is this Thursday, May 14th at 11:59pm EDT. 


With so much love, 

Suzanna Kaye


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