The Spark! Life Binder 

The one system to organize every important paper and detail of your life.

For anyone who feels out of control with their papers, so they know where everything important is and can sleep better at night. 


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Hi, I'm Suzanna Kaye

When there was a major medical event that landed my father in Intensive Care on a respirator it really hit me. He wasn't able to speak and my mom had no idea about most of the urgent financial issues or where to find account numbers, policy information and the essentials to handle things without him. 

I realized I didn't have any of this information accessible for my loved ones if something were to happen to me.

I imagined my family searching through file cabinets, paper piles and computer files trying to find what they need. There's so much that nobody would know.

While working as a Professional Organizer, I was working with hundreds of clients in their homes. And I asked them - did they have anything set up for their loved ones? And most people I worked with weren't prepared for an emergency, either!!!

Like me, they either hadn't thought of it or meant to do it "some day" but hadn't yet found the hours to do it.

So, I thought....

What if there was a fill-in-the-blank system that would make it simple to keep all my important information up. to date?

That would tell my loved ones everything they would need if I couldn't?

Then I created the Spark! Life Binder. 


1. Sections for Every Area of Life

2. 60+ Digital, Printable Worksheets & Checklists

3. Master Papers Checklist

4. Quick Grab Emergency Medical Section

+ Step by step guidance with an online guidebook called the Spark! Life Binder Path


This binder is available to purchase twice per year. Your next chance to buy will be January 2022. Click the button below to be added to the waitlist and you'll be the first to know when it's available!



"You can always go back and add information. It's nice to already know just where that important paper is located. The red binder for the doctor appointments has been a hit with every nurse. 'WOW how organized! I wish all our patients had one of those!' This really makes it easy for me to keep up with what needs to be done."

- Donna P

"I purchased it... and have most of it completed. The smaller section for emergency information came in handy for a few ER trips since then. I feel it's worth the money to have it easily laid out and add whatever extra information you can think of. Great peace of mind." 

- Jill K.

"Once I finally got past my procrastination, I’m making amazing progress. I’ve been Sorting, shredding outdated information, working on my Spark Life binder, setting up new short term and long term filing systems. I can’t thank you (Suzanna) enough for the guidance and MOTIVATION to continue to conquer the paper clutter in my life. 😍😍😍"

-Debra J.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Please contact the Suzanna Kaye team at: [email protected] or call us at (407) 205-2401.


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