Looking for one-on-one help from Suzanna?

Sometimes we all need more than a group setting can offer.

If you're struggling with getting & staying organized, you may benefit from virtual coaching.


Virtual coaching can help with:

- Getting past mental blocks holding you back 

- Ideas for how to maximize your space and create better organizational systems

- Understand the way you work best, and how to work with your personality type to get & stay organized

- Get motivated! Have a cheerleader and encourager in your corner to help you get off the couch and get going


Virtual organizing sessions are held through Zoom or Facetime live online video services. They are always private. 


Pricing for Virtual Services starts at $75 for a 30 minute session. 


To sign up for a virtual organizing session with Suzanna, complete the form below and Suzanna will reach out to you by email to get you all set up. 


You can do amazing things, Beautiful! And I'd love to help. ❤️ 

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