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The Caffeinated One

minimalism Oct 04, 2019

By Ruth Zeman

I don't know about you but there is something magical about morning routines that include coffee.

Okay, your morning routine can include tea and still be magical... if you insist.

No matter, what we're here to talk about is functionality! You might drool over those perfectly designed coffee/tea stations on Pinterest but when it's 6 am do you really care if all the mugs were turned the same direction when they are all still dirty in the sink?

I thought not.

So instead of just making this part of your home something to brag about let's make it something that functions well. Which is totally braggable too, FYI.

Let's start with where - where is your stuff?

Is your stuff, mugs, sugar, coffee, pot, all in one place or scattered about the kitchen? This makes a time difference.

I understand your kitchen may have been configured a certain way at one time but it's not against the law to move things. I promise. Feel free to use more than one cabinet. The point is to group everything you need to make a nice hot steaming cup of your favorite drink without having to move your feet.

Dancing all over your kitchen to make coffee does not burn enough calories to be worth the exercise.

As you saw in the video, you don't need to put the full-sugar container there. A simple beautiful functional jar works perfectly.

Here's a picture of a friend's coffee station. She collects Starbucks mugs and might own more mugs than she can use in a month but that's okay. It's still a good example of a functional station. She uses a stove pot or moka pot to make espresso, making it a good decision to put her supplies between her water source and stovetop.

 What do you think?

Tell me in the comments, what's your favorite morning drink?



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