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Change These Mindsets to Get Organized Faster

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2023

The number 1 reason people can't stay organized is all mental. No matter how good your tools and systems are, they will all fall apart if you have not addressed the mental side of your organizing.

 So if you're ready to finally achieve lasting organization, keep reading!


What you need to build a lasting organization

These are the three parts that you need to build a lasting organization:


  1. Proper tools
  2. Systems
  3. Mental

To change your mindset and get organized faster, you must first understand the mentality behind clutter and disorganization.

So don't wait any longer! Address these essential mindsets if you want to achieve lasting organization.


Defining Yourself for Lasting Change

When it comes to getting organized, changing your thoughts is critical. No matter how good your systems are, your organizing will eventually fall apart if you're still holding on to negative thoughts.

That's why the first step is to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. 

For illustration, if you're struggling to get organized, don't tell yourself, "I'm so lazy, and I'll never be able to do this." Instead, tell yourself, "I will take small steps to get organized, and I'll be able to do it."

To stay organized and achieve lasting results, you must start by defining yourself. What is your organizing identity?

The only true failure is quitting. Bravery is getting back up and trying again.

Create your own definition of who you are and your capabilities.




When we think about organizing a lot of times, one big thing that comes into our minds is time. How you associate time with organizing is going to affect your motivations, your procrastination, your energy levels, and your expectations.

One of the time traps we may fall into is that organizing takes a lot of time and energy. 

To create a lasting organization, you need to let go of perfectionism. This means accepting that your system will never be perfect, and that's okay. There will always be messes and clutter, but your system will still succeed.

Another time trap is your past failures of not finishing. Reframing what is successful organizing is vital to focus on the overall goal of being organized.

That said, it can be hard to break habits and think differently. Small steps are the best way to organize and make a mental change simultaneously. This allows you to be consistent and repeat those actions and thoughts- Repetition changes thinking, and consistency changes habits.

Small steps are much more effective in creating lasting change.

Set yourself up for success by taking the time to develop patterns for productivity and organization. You can transform your life and reach your organizing goals with small steps.




Organization isn’t just about decluttering physical spaces, it's about our minds and how we approach life and its many challenges. Changing our mindsets around organizing is the key to surviving and thriving. It can take time and patience to internalize and apply new perspectives. It’s important to remember to practice self-compassion when making any changes and that those changes won’t happen overnight.

Organizing should be seen as an opportunity to learn and grow, not a chore to be avoided.

Remember, small steps are the best way to organize and make a mental change. This allows you to be consistent and repeat those actions and thoughts- Repetition changes thinking, and consistency changes habits. 


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