How to Identify Your Priorities
How to Identify Your Priorities
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Most of us are confident we could be amazing if we could just finish..... whatever it was that was so super important. However, just as many of us struggle with prioritizing what needs to be done and when. Ending up with nothing done because we never got started or we simply never finished. 

Often times we start with what we believe is going to be doable instead of the thing that ultimately matters the most to our goals. I can't tell you how many times I've started the laundry but managed to completely forget that I needed to stay on top of that task. Clothes that were very important to a good next day were, as I'm sure you can imagine, neglected. Yet, I couldn't quite stay focused on that goal. 

It's a simple example that proves even when we understand the need we don't always do what needs to be done most.

Yet, we do understand that we need to set priorities. Otherwise, we'd probably all find ways to Netflix and Chill more.

In order to under stand what your highest priority is you need to know your goals and values. If your goal is to pay rent and you value being on time with your rent, then you will naturally default to paying your rent on time. You can see how goals and values go hand in hand.

If your goal is to write a book but you believe that it will require locking yourself away for hours on end it might conflict with you value of being available to your family. This conflict usually means you can't focus on the priority at hand of writing a book because you're fighting against your goals and values.

When our goals and values fight for attention we often tend to put those items lower on our to-do lists because we're not sure how to incorporate them into our schedule. The opposite is also true, items on our list that fit with our goals and values are easier to incorporate.

Secondly, when looking to prioritize ask yourself questions as if it's five years into the future. "Will this still matter?" This is a quick way to see if it truly matters to you or is a time waster.

Then lastly, be sure to download your Smart Goals Worksheet to help you to keep you on the right track.

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