Not So Scary Minimalism
Not So Scary Minimalism
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I don’t know about you, but I live in Florida, which no matter where you are in Florida makes most people think immediately about Walt Disney World. I’m no different in that respect.

Right now, it’s Halloween season which means, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween. In the parks on any normal day, you’ll see more Disney t-shirts on tourists and locals than you’ll see anywhere else in the world.

However, this time of year, they take it to another level and come in full costume. It’s wonderful. It’s fun and delightful
So is minimalism

Stick with me, I’m not crazy or trying to make you join the awkward cult of throwing things away. In the same way, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween fun lets people take doing Disney to another level, minimalism is taking organizing to another level. 

It’s surprisingly just as fun. 

Minimalism is a way of thinking and living just as much as it is a design designation. When you look on Pinterest at living rooms you’ll see, traditional, eclectic, romantic or bohemian, and more and more, minimalism. The look is streamlined and featured in the homes of the wealthy.

          I managed the look in college but called it “early poverty."

          We can create this look without going backwards or adopting the life of monks. Let me demystify this look for you and make it easy. It’s about knowing what you need and want then getting rid of all the rest. For example, what do you need in a small bathroom? Not your master bathroom where you get ready for the day but a small bathroom used by your children or guests. By defining it, “kids” or “guests” you immediately know what it isn’t. When I tell you about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween, you know it’s fun, candy, dressing up and not Santa Claus or Food and Wine. 

          After naming what your space is, simply remove everything it isn’t. That’s minimalism. It’s a form of room theming at its simplest form. 

          Sounds too easy but when you dig into your bathroom I suspect you’re going to find things that don’t belong. Do you really need a lighthouse or a tray of seashells? No. Do you need spare toothbrushes? Yes. Do you need piles of bathing suits and swim towels? No, find them a new home that makes more sense. Let the room be more clearly defined, it’s just a bathroom. Not a storage closet. 

          See, that wasn’t so hard?

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              I told you it wasn’t scary

              Now, using this form of questioning and separating start seeing your spaces in new ways. Keep in mind that just like a holiday celebration, there are categories. For example, while I’m not big on decor in my bathroom, I do like to add a simple holiday accent. A seasonal shower curtain is my choice as it is both needed and fun. It’s a cheap item that I can easily swap out that doesn’t add unnecessary items to the counter space. 

              I use this same idea in my kitchen, that multi-functions like most American homes as a breakfast nook / eat-in area. I don’t clutter my counters with anything decorative but I do use seasonal mugs, seasonal paper napkins, a seasonal tablecloth. All items I decided were needs not wants in this space. 

              Don’t get me wrong, my space is by no means clutter-free. I’m still asking myself the question, do I need this? Does this really belong in this space? Most days I answer, “no” but it was as I was evaluating my teenagers eating everything. (Apparently you’re not supposed to tell your beloved angles they are clutter. They respond with mocking while “minimizing” your pantry food stores.)

              It’s an ongoing process. Not a once and done activity

              Once you adopt this habit of minimalism you’ll start to see new empty spaces, newly cleared off surfaces, more room to just “be” in each room. 

               When that happens, give me a holler, I’ll tell out about my cult of throwing things away.

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