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By Ruth Zeman

It was a bright and sunny day in Orlando Florida. You're hanging out at the local Publix and it's Just another day in paradise when you hear - "Organize Your Pets" from the girl next to you.

You mull this over. Organize my pets huh? So my dog could learn to like, clean up? Remembering that you saw a dog on YouTube vacuuming. "Yeah, I could totally go for that." You start nodding your head emphatically. So you ask her, "I can organize my pets?"

"You totally can." Says the delightful redhead from
The one they call, Suzanna.

"So is it like that other YouTube video where the dogs help bring in the groceries? Line up to go to dinner?" You ask, thinking quickly on your feet. You could really get excited about this.

"No", Suzanna replies with a grin, ready to explain.

"Why not?" 

"Cause I'm an  organizer not dog trainers?!" Suzanna quips. "Although if you know a trainer that is teaching that, I've got a Solo and a Elby ready to learn"

"That would be sooo cool" You say and sigh because it's just another dream down the drain. Perking up a bit you mention, "My dog gets her own water?!" Forgetting to mention it's out of the toilet.

          Oh well.... you tried.

          Suzanna grins at you, tilts her head and tells it to you straight. "Your pet..... (solemn silence)..... doesn't need all those toys."

          You're considering walking away. You don't need this kind of negativity in your life. You have miserably teenagers. Buy them a treat and they tell you they wanted the more expensive thing. Buy your dog a treat and he loves it! Plays with it, smiles at you, licks you....

          Suzanna understands the bomb she's just dropped in your lap and has ONE OF THOSE LOOKS on her face so you tentatively ask, "Can't I just put them in a cute basket?" Meaning the horde of toys and treats you've purchased over the years for your fur baby.

          "Of Course, but if it's a huge basket - they still don't need that many." She says this so gently you find yourself wanting to hug her.

          "Okay." You relent. You get it. All those organizers are the same. They're all closet minimalists. You secretly picture Suzanna climbing into a closet at home....

          "Another way you can support your pets needs is to crate train them." Suzanna mentions. "I have a pet cabinet in my house, where I have all their food stuff, heartworm pills, clipper, and things. Not mixed in with family stuff, 'cause they're people too and deserve their own space."

          That made you feel better that she calls her pets people too. You feel the same way. Maybe... just maybe you should re-evaluate the amount of pet toys laying about. Tomorrow. Yeah... tomorrow.

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