The Ultimate Stress-Free Tips & Gifting Holiday RoundUp
The Ultimate Stress-Free Tips & Gifting Holiday RoundUp

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Are you feeling like you're missing the joy of the season because you're tired or too busy? You're not alone, Beautiful! Despite all the sparkle and presents, the Holiday season can be hard sometimes. Here are some hot tips, stress-saving tricks and ideas to simplify your Holiday Season (and get some of that joy and calm back!)

Read on for some freebies & my top lists including:
  • 5 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Decorations
  • 5 Holiday Stress-Saving Tricks
  • 7 Holiday Checklists You NEED This Season
  • 5 Most Personal, Memorable & Unique Gifts
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5 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Decorations…

It doesn't need to take hours of time to decorate or tons of space to store holiday decorations. Check out these super-easy ideas to help you quickly decorate year-round - AND they require minimal storage space! 

Customize these tips to fit whatever decorating style is for you. These are not only for the winter holidays but also year-round decor.

  1. Reuse Locations and Hooks:
    • Use the same spots and hooks for decorations. When swapping, remove one item and replace it with the new one. This makes it easy - no need to decide where to put decorations each holiday.
  2. Choose Small Items:
    • Avoid large decorations; opt for small, easy-to-store items like pillowcases (not a whole new pillow), garden flags, and flat signs. Consider storage space and aim for minimal sizes.
  3. Give Purpose to Greeting Cards:
    • Create a greeting card binder using a hole punch & binder rings or ribbon. Display different cards seasonally to enjoy your favorites and remember who sent them in the past.
  4. Use Changeable Decor:
    • Find decorations that allow you to change parts without taking down the whole piece. This minimizes storage and effort when switching for different holidays.
  5. Decorate with Photos and Artwork:
    • Use photos and kids' artwork for decoration. Make photo magnets, use easily changeable frames, or hang seasonal artwork with magnetic holders. This way you can enjoy new personal touches year-round.
  6. Bonus Tip! Simplify Storage:
    • Make storage easy by keeping your other holiday linens & pillowcases inside the current holiday pillowcase (instead of a filler pillow.) Store more than one photo in each frame (keep favorites behind the current photo to easily change them out.) Use decorative pillow shams on beds to store guest or holiday linens (instead of a pillow) for effortless storage and enjoyable decorating.
          5 Holiday Stress-Saving Tricks…
          How about a stress-free holiday? More time to relax, enjoy the season and do more of what you love? 

          Here are my 5 favorite holiday stress-saving tips, covering everything from meal planning to gifts & decor. I hope these help simplify and give you permission to focus on what brings you joy.  

          We create our own joy - there’s nobody & nothing that can give you that holiday magic. Be tough on your holiday To Do list this season. If it doesn’t make you truly happy to do - delete it! Make this holiday what YOU want it to be, even if that’s unconventional. You can absolutely do this.
          1. Keep Quick-Grab Gifts Handy:
            • Keep ready-to-go gifts for last-minute occasions, like having a couple of boxes of Small Step Cards that you can quickly toss into a gift bag (or order them pre-wrapped for an easy and thoughtful last-minute gift.) Consider other quick grab options such as printing out & assembling the free Emergency Medical Folder ( Also consider gift cards, nice pens or favorite books.
          2. Keep It Simple:
            • Keep things simple by questioning if each task is necessary and enjoyable during the holidays. Explore easier alternatives; for example, use instant mashed potatoes instead of making them from scratch. Simplify gift-giving by ordering items pre-wrapped, like the Spark Life Binder, and having them mailed for you. Streamline decorations- maybe this year you don't put up a Christmas tree because you don't have as many people in the house and it's just not something that you want to do. Keep it simple this season so you have time to enjoy it too, beautiful. You deserve it! 
            • Keep holiday-specific items close at hand with my favorite adjustable storage cubes -  UbeCube( Use these to create wrapping stations, hold gifts & decor and any other projects you’re working on this season. Plus, they’ll be useful in all the other areas of your home after the holidays! (Get 10% off with coupon code SKORG at checkout)
          3. Plan Meals and Shopping:
            • Plan your meals and gift lists in advance. This ensures you avoid buying too much or too little and stick to your budget. Keeping track of your gifts and who you've bought for. When planning large meals, include shopping lists, stove and oven timing, and who's bringing what. 
          4. Schedule Productivity Appointments:
            • Stay focused on personal goals by scheduling productivity appointments on your calendar. Take advantage of the Group Hikes in the Path Membership ( — use them to wrap presents, tackle your to do list, declutter, clean, prepare meals, or handle any pending tasks.
            • Make 2024 the year you’ve dreamed of! Join the Path Membership to stay more focused & kick the procrastination habit to actually get those things you’ve been avoiding done!! Go to and join the Path Membership today. There’s no risk, it’s easy to cancel any time.
          5. Use Checklists:
            • Use checklists to get it all out of your head so you don't have to try to remember everything. Read on for ideas of checklists that will help the most for the holidays. The more you write things down the less stressed you’ll be. 
            Make 2024 the year you've dreamed of!

            Join the Path Membership to stay more focused & kick the procrastination habit to actually get those things you've been avoiding done!!

            Go to and join the Path Membership today. There's no risk, it's easy to cancel any time.

            Become a Pathfinder
            7 Holiday Checklists You NEED This Season…

            Feel overwhelmed during the holidays? Use checklists to stay organized and reduce stress. These are the best holiday checklists to make your season more joyful. Create an overview using tools like Google Sheets, Excel, or the Trello app for efficient tracking. Whether digital or paper, stay organized with a holiday notebook. To learn how to keep track of multiple notes & lists (without a million papers floating around), check out the "Organize ALL Your Notes, Ideas, Lists & More" webinar ( 

            1. Budget and Expense Tracker:
              • Keep tabs on holiday spending across different categories.
              • Compare planned expenses with actual spending.
            2. Card Tracker:
              • Manage a list of received and sent cards each year.
            3. Gift Planning List:
              • (Grab your free Gift Planner download here!)
              • Track purchased and planned gifts.
              • Ensure thoughtful and memorable gift-giving.
            4. Large Meal Planning:
              • Organize contributions for large meals.
              • Plan oven schedules, serving dishes, and utensils.
            5. Bucket List:
              • Prioritize activities that bring you joy.
              • Include self-care, such as savoring a cup of cocoa or visiting loved ones.
            6. Travel Lists:
              • Prepare packing lists and travel essentials in advance.
            7. Cleaning List:
              • Focus on purposeful cleaning to make a meaningful difference.
              • Avoid excessive cleaning; save time for holiday magic.
            5 Most Personal, Memorable & Unique Gifts…
            We all have enough candles, fancy soaps & empty journals. Be the hit of the holiday with these must-try unique holiday gift ideas that your loved ones will actually use, and they'll remember for years to come!

            Here are my top 5 favorite categories to help you brainstorm specific gift ideas for your loved ones. I’ve included direct links to examples whenever possible.
            1. Be Unique:
              • Choose something unique to their personality (favorite quotes or hobbies, etc.)  For unique gift ideas visit
              • Opt for items not easily found elsewhere or personalized gifts.
              • Repurpose a special item (with permission,) like turning a loved one's clothing into a pillow, teddy bear, or quilt.
            2. Be Useful:
              • Wrap gifts in storage containers like an UbeCube instead of gift bags (makes it even more useful! Get 10% off with the coupon code SKORG)
              • Print and give the Emergency Medical Folder ( including access to instructional videos and extra support) for free!
              • Give tools to make life easier for them or give them (& even you) peace of mind. Such as the Spark Life Binder (  or Caregiver Binder (
                1. The Caregiver Binder ( is a must for caregivers, keeping all the most important information at their fingertips & communicating all the care details to other caregivers & medical professionals.
                2. The Spark Life Binder ( gives them & their loved ones peace of mind knowing all the most important life information & details are in one safe place - and nothing important has been forgotten. 
            3. Make it Memorable:
              • Use old photos or repurpose memorabilia to create personalized gifts.
              • Transfer old videos, scan photos, create photo books, or preserve special items for a memorable touch.
              • Use your kids' or grandkids' artwork for wrapping paper, greeting cards, framing, or turning it into unique items like pillow covers with services such as FreePrints Gifts (
              • Create a personalized song for a super personal and memorable touch with a service like Songfinch (
            4. Be Timeless:
            5. Quick Grab Gifts:
              • Keep unique quick-grab gifts on hand for unexpected occasions such as Small Step Home Organizing Cards, the free Emergency Medical Folder ( .  You can also give nice pens, or stylish kitchen towels.
              • Find unique handmade quick-grab gifts through Etsy ( and local markets.

            Now you have a TON of ideas to make your holidays less stressful, more joyful & filled with wonderful memories that will last for years.

            Remember - only YOU can bring the holiday magic for yourself this season. Slow down, don’t try to do it all and focus on what brings YOU the most joy (& ditch the rest.)

            I wish you the best holidays ever this year, Beautiful. And I look forward to spending even more time with you in the new year to help you create the most amazing year ever!!!

            Want MORE ways to simplify your life and get organized? Check out the latest Thursday Talk video on my YouTube Channel here!

            YOU’VE GOT THIS, BEAUTIFUL!!! Woot! Woot! 🎉
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