When it literally all goes wrong....
When it literally all goes wrong....
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Did I ever tell you about my wedding day?

A missing best man, a very tardy groom and 30 people huddled under a bridge…. Not what I planned.

Many years ago on July 18 in Orlando, Florida two people (yep, me and my Moose Pie - Geoff) were all set to get married in an adorable little park. There were gorgeous flowers in bloom, a shade of dense twisting trees, little wooden bridges over a tiny trickling stream, 20 decorated folding chairs, a sound system and meticulously placed decorations around the stage.

BUT…… Mother Nature wanted to celebrate, too. About 30 minutes before start time, as I was driving to the park with my Dad and future Stepdaughter Kayla in tow (not easy with a massive dress shoved under the steering wheel) I got a message that a storm was forming near the park.

No problem! The ceremony was about to start and was short - we’d have time. 

Yeah….. Nope!

Within 10 minutes that little storm had become 3 MASSIVE storms all headed at each other - set to collide over our perfect little park!

Cue the phone calls and texts from my sister, friends and family! “What do you want us to do?” “Should we put all the decorations back in the car?” “Where’s Geoff?”

WAIT A MINUTE…..What???? 

What do you mean “Where’s Geoff?” (The groom)

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I used to have this need to control everything. I had flipped from my disorganized adolescence to a precisely controlled & ordered existence. My parties were laid out and executed perfectly, my closet was color coded and sorted by style and everything needed to be in order to be done “right.”

Well, thank goodness that was the “old me!” I had flipped from my disorganized adolescence to a precisely controlled & ordered existence. My parties were laid out and executed perfectly, my closet was color coded and sorted by style and everything needed to be in order to be done “right.”
          This is what happened when I released control, rolled with it and looked for the blessings……


          I got to witness the blessing of my amazing friends and family in my moment of need.

          Our friend Cupcake (his real name is AJ,) Geoff’s brothers Terry & James, my sister Katie and my practically-brother-in-law Billy all launched into action. Along with so many other friends.

          They moved ALL of the important decorations and chairs under the nearby bridge. A lovely white brick arch under the road.

          On one corner they set up pop up tents and a beautiful scene with lanterns and our special plant (Emily the Orange Tree) for us.

          The groom showed up with barely a minute to spare, and everyone huddled under the bridge just in time.

          I skipped the beautifully planned walk down the aisle (that was to be accompanied by my Goddaughter Alexis singing “At Last” as a surprise for Geoff.) Instead, my Dad, Kayla and I almost ran from our car through the swirling wind and dirt (in a wedding dress) toward the bridge. As we were almost hit by a large palm branch flying sideways across our path my Dad kept saying “This is a bad idea.” (I never clarified if he meant the rain storm or my entire marriage. I’m choosing to think he meant the storm.)

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              With lightning flashes & thunder booming (which our minister Marni worked into the ceremony with a few jokes) we said the most important words of our lives.

              There was no best man (dear Noah was still lost trying to find the ceremony - and was driving over the bridge we were standing under!) We didn’t have the rings (yep - Noah had them) And the photographer couldn’t get decent photos due to the rain, the glare of flashes off the white bridge and my hilarious Mother-In-Law who kept pushing him out of the way to take her photos. 

              We chose to embrace what was happening and let go of “the plan.” We focused on what a gift we had with family & friends who would go through all of this for us. We paid attention to what that day meant to us as a couple and how happy we were. 
              AND WE LAUGHED.

              As the thunder clapped and our daughter’s eyes popped wide we laughed. When we exchanged rings and I used a Doctor Who ring Geoff gave me years ago instead of the beautiful, custom-made & engraved diamond and birthstone rings, we laughed. And when the ceremony was over and the best man Noah finally arrived, soaked to the bone and asking “So, where are we going to do this?” we laughed.

              The storm died down just as the ceremony ended.

              It only rained for that brief time and was gone. We all headed to the local Irish Pub and partied the night away, reliving those moments and laughing.

              My wedding was perfect.

              I could never have planned it that way, and if I’d been focused on what was going wrong I would have missed the happiest moments of my life. Every year on my anniversary I still get photos from my friends and family of that day - with the message it was the best wedding (besides their own) they had ever been to. 

              I tell this story to bring up the important questions.

              Do you try to control things around you? Not only your space, but other people’s actions or how events run?

              What if you decided to let it go? To plan and arrange things how you’d like them to be, but then accept how they turn out in the moment. To rejoice in the surprises.

              Beautiful, letting go of control is hard. And it takes practice. LOTS of practice. 

              That’s why I break down these new ways of thinking into daily bite-sized tasks for you. In the Paper Path, Spark! Life Binder & the Challenges that little bite I give you each day - when repeated - leads to a massive mental change.

              Nothing big to do - just reading about a new way of thinking every day creates a PERMANENT mental change. And this reflects in your home, and your life.

              Keep it up, Beautiful. You are worth so much, love.

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              Keep going - you can do everything you dream of. And I’m here for you the whole way.

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