Your Work At Home Office
Your Work At Home Office
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Right now we're in the middle of STAYING HOME. It's been game changing for many and we received an email from our friends at RedFin asking if we'd seen their tips for a home office. 

Working from home has become pretty common, however, more people are working remotely than ever before because of COVID-19 (myself included). Over these last few weeks I’ve realized how important having the right home office set up is for staying productive -- it’s been so much easier to focus with a clean and tidy space.

That’s why I highlight using a cleaning or organizing service in my new article, “5 Essential Home Office Design Tips for Working Remotely.”

You can see the full post here:

Their tips are good: 1. Use Feng Shui, 2. Add life with plants, 3.Use Natural Light, 4. Choose good furniture, 5. Maintain your space. 

I'd like to add some Spark! Organizing bonus tips that work with their tips. They started with Feng Shui and I'll tell you it's a great place to start. Let's take is a step further and if at all possible don't put your office in your bedroom. Sleep is an overlooked component of being an effective worker but it can't be overstated, protect your sleep. 

Suzanna's office has a tiny pretty succulent and a fake plant. If you've watched her Facebook lives then you've seen her fake. It's very real looking. So while I totally agree that plants add life to a room, good fake plants can do the same should you have a black thumb!

Light and color really does effect how you work. In Switzerland they painted jail cells pink to encourage calm. Next time you're at the store you can notice the colors advertisers use to make you hungry (pink, yellow, red, orange) vs the colors to think healthy (green, black, blues).
Figure out what you need first. Do you need to be energized or calmed? These are polar opposites. If you find you need a steady calm at work pick colors that make you feel calm. If you struggle to stay energized though add punches of bright colors. 

While it's a great idea to choose ergonomic furniture for your office many of us furnish our spaces with what we already have. As a results we might feel like our work space is an afterthought. There's nothing wrong with using what you have but do be aware that you're not hurting your back or making yourself tired early because it's not a good fit. 

And lastly, to keep your space clutter free start by putting your recycling and trash right by your seat.

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