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More Clever Travel Tips
While you're probably not preparing for Hogwarts you don't have to be a sad muggle when you travel.

Although we'll both agree floo powder would make life much easier. Travelling can still be fun and enjoyable.

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Not So Scary Minimalism
Stick with me, I’m not crazy or trying to make you join the awkward cult of throwing things away.

Minimalism is a way of thinking and living just as much as it is a design designation.

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Clutter-Free Gifts for the Holidays (Give a gift they will love)
This year I challenge all of us to make a resolution early - to make our holiday gift-giving clutter (and guilt) free.

Here are a few ideas for some clutter-free gifts you can give the person who really does have it all (or wants to have less)

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Fully Experience the JOY of the Season

Do you find yourself missing out on the Joy of the Season due to being run down, over busy, or just blah?

You're not alone. For all the sparkle and presents, the Holiday season can be hard.

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Let's Get Real About Black Friday and Cyber Monday
 Seriously, we need to talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

’Tis the season to shop! And, if you think I’m about to tell you not to shop - don't hold you're breath, I’m not. I give you permission to shop as much as you want!! 

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Time Management Tools We Love!

I've shared tips before and you can find them on this blog, Facebook or YouTube but this time I want to go over my absolute favorites! 

I've mentioned a ton of tips and the point isn't to use them all. It's about finding solutions that work for you! 

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10 Best Gifts for Teens!
These are not in any special order just so you know.

I mention in the video where to get these items, most of them are available on Amazon.

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The Caffeinated One

I don't know about you but there is something magical about morning routines that include coffee.

Okay, your morning routine can include tea and still be magical... if you insist.

No matter, what we're here to talk about is functionality!  

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Organized for SCHOOL!
5 Tips For Better Grades
Sure you can put organizers in your locker but that's not really what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about better grades because you're organized people! Yeah, better grades! Seriously.

Here we go, 5 tips that will help you get better grades

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Unusual Ways To Be More Productive

The tip is this, when you're working on a project don't give yourself a set amount of time to get it done but instead set an amount of time to get it finished. It's a matter of thinking about this differently.

Work faster and beat perfectionism! Crazy awesome right?

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Unboxing the Root Coding Robot
With Christmas just around the corner, my husband and I got excited about this little robot that teaches code on Kickstarter.

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Burn this Book!
When you think about it though, another person's thoughts are more of a reflection of them and not you.

So I decided there was a better question to be asking. If you were handed a book that was filled with all the negative things that you've said about yourself, either in your head or in public, would you want to read it?

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Life Changing Magic of Conquering Your Junk Drawer!

Are you ready to try some life-changing magic? I promise there no "sacrifices" involved.

Twist ties, cable ties, zip ties, paperclips, husbands, that penny that you picked up that special time with so and so.

You get the idea.

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Room by Room Organizing the Lazy Way

What's the Lazy way to Organize you ask?

Trust me, you're gonna like this. Basically, it's tips from the experts (us - you got that we're the experts right?) on how to make organizing effortless.

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Confession of an Organizer: Baskets

Baskets aren't an addiction. How do I figure that? Well, there are no support groups. As long as there are no support groups, I'm going to stick with it's not an addiction.

Let's get real though, baskets can actually be a problem. I love baskets, containers, bags, bins, and find them to be beautiful, functional and useful. 

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