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The Spark! Blog by Suzanna Kaye

Am I a Hoarder?...

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2021

Do you think you might be a hoarder?

I get this question a lot. It’s a scary thought…. “Am I a hoarder?” 

The good news - if you are a hoarder - there is help!

Let’s talk about this. 

Hoarding issues, as you know, are very difficult. Though often we may think it’s hoarding, it’s actually severe or chronic disorganization. How you proceed will depend on if it’s clinical hoarding or severe disorganization. 

The first step I would recommend is to research whether you truly have a hoarding issue, which is a clinical diagnosis and is a form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD.) Check out  Mayo Clinic’s information about Hoarding.

If you’re dealing with chronic or severe disorganization:

Such severe connection to items and disorganization can be debilitating, traumatic, and emotionally stressful. While this may...

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When it literally all goes wrong....

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2021

(This is a Love Letter by Suzanna Kaye. Love Letters are more personal monthly emails from Suzanna shared exclusively with the subscribers on our email list. To get more Love Letters in your inbox click here.)


Did I ever tell you about my wedding day?

A missing best man, a very tardy groom and 30 people huddled under a bridge…. Not what I planned.

Many years ago on July 18 in Orlando, Florida two people (yep, me and my Moose Pie - Geoff) were all set to get married in an adorable little park. There were gorgeous flowers in bloom, a shade of dense twisting trees, little wooden bridges over a tiny trickling stream, 20 decorated folding chairs, a sound system and meticulously placed decorations around the stage. 

BUT…… Mother Nature wanted to celebrate, too. About 30 minutes before start time, as I was driving to the park with my Dad and future Stepdaughter Kayla in tow (not easy with a massive dress shoved under the steering...

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3 Easy Steps to Stay Organized During Tax Season

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2021

Learn how you can gather all your paperwork, track what you need, and keep it all organized so you can do your taxes with less stress!


Taxes. Yikes! They’re never fun to complete, right?

You can find yourself persevering throughout the process—until you realize that you don’t have some of the paperwork ready. (Those moments make us feel even worse!)

You see, how you gather and track all your paperwork can either make your process go smoothly OR fall apart!

So how do you keep track of all your paperwork during tax season without stressing yourself out too much?

By knowing the 3 Steps of Tax Season Organization! If you want to know more, keep reading.

Who knows? Once you start applying these steps, it might also give you a breath of fresh air (Like it did to me!)

There are 3 FOUNDATIONS in making tax time easy:

  1. FOUNDATION 1: Taking Your Brain Out of the System


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3 Areas to Organize to Create a Fresh Start

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2021

Are you one of the people vowing to organize and make a fresh start this year?

I hear this all the time…..

“This year, I will finally get organized!”

That’s a HUGE goal - and it can be overwhelming unless we break it down into smaller steps. Let’s start with 3 CRUCIAL AREAS that you need to focus on FIRST to create that massive change (mentally and in your home) this year.

You ready? Read on!!

1. Expired Items

What better way to start a new chapter in your life than by clearing out the clutter in your home? Whether it’s food, medications or even your makeup—expired items in your house take up too much space AND energy.

Because hey, it happens - no matter how organized and “together” you have it, things expire. When they do, that emotional weight you feel when you open that medicine drawer or pantry drains your energy and leaves you with guilt and a ton of “shoulds.”

When you lessen the unnecessary stuff hiding in...

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Your Work At Home Office

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2020

Right now we're in the middle of STAYING HOME. It's been game changing for many and we received an email from our friends at RedFin asking if we'd seen their tips for a home office. 


Working from home has become pretty common, however, more people are working remotely than ever before because of COVID-19 (myself included). Over these last few weeks I’ve realized how important having the right home office set up is for staying productive -- it’s been so much easier to focus with a clean and tidy space.

That’s why I highlight using a cleaning or organizing service in my new article, “5 Essential Home Office Design Tips for Working Remotely.”

You can see the full post here:



Their tips are good: 1. Use Feng Shui, 2. Add life with plants, 3.Use Natural Light, 4. Choose good furniture, 5. Maintain your space. 

I'd like to add some Spark! Organizing bonus tips that work...

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Uncategorized Jan 03, 2020
 By Ruth Zeman

It was a bright and sunny day in Orlando Florida. You're hanging out at the local Publix and it's Just another day in paradise when you hear - "Organize Your Pets" from the girl next to you.

You mull this over. Organize my pets huh? So my dog could learn to like, clean up? Remembering that you saw a dog on YouTube vacuuming. "Yeah, I could totally go for that." You start nodding your head emphatically. So you ask her, "I can organize my pets?"

"You totally can." Says the delightful redhead from Spark! Organizing LLC.

The one they call, Suzanna.

"So is it like that other YouTube video where the dogs help bring in the groceries? Line up to go to dinner?" You ask, thinking quickly on your feet. You could really get excited about this.

"No", Suzanna replies with a grin, ready to explain.

"Why not?" 

"Cause I'm an  organizer not dog trainers?!" Suzanna quips. "Although if you know a trainer that is teaching that, I've got a Solo and a Elby ready to learn"...

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How to Identify Your Priorities

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2019
By Suzanna Kaye

Goals and values

Most of us are confident we could be amazing if we could just finish..... whatever it was that was so super important. However, just as many of us struggle with prioritizing what needs to be done and when. Ending up with nothing done because we never got started or we simply never finished. 

Often times we start with what we believe is going to be doable instead of the thing that ultimately matters the most to our goals. I can't tell you how many times I've started the laundry but managed to completely forget that I needed to stay on top of that task. Clothes that were very important to a good next day were, as I'm sure you can imagine, neglected. Yet, I couldn't quite stay focused on that goal. 

It's a simple example that proves even when we understand the need we don't always do what needs to be done most.

Yet, we do understand that we need to set priorities. Otherwise, we'd probably all find ways to Netflix and Chill more.

In order to...

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How to Create a Simple Bullet Journal

organizing Dec 09, 2019

Come watch how I simply create a basic bullet journal. If you're new to the idea, it's a planner scheduler that you create around your needs and not a preprinted or digital system. Many of us prefer the act of writing things down and this is a way to collect your ideas, dates to remember, tasks and more.

In a nutshell, a bullet journal is a simple way to capture what you need to do.

Whether you're planning your entire year or simply brain dumping information a bullet journal allows you to come back to those thoughts. Many types of bullet journals have popped up on Pinterest and it's grown into a movement. However, don't let all the fancy stuff overwhelm you. The basic framework that I demonstrated is all you truly need.

Consider using a rocket book for your bullet journal. Check out my post on the magic of a rocket book here. 

bullet journal

Also, like I mentioned last week, if it doesn't fit on a sticky note, it won't fit into a day. I purposely put on my day...

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You Are the Keeper of the Magic

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

As the holiday season rolls out the red carpet some of us sigh in delight. Just as many of us sigh, feeling "meh".  That feeling that the magic of the season just isn't what it once was. We look around and just can't seem to get into the flow of the season. Even when in your heart you're positive this is your favorite season. 

I had a friend, who is a blogger, mention that she had been looking for the magic of her childhood and she was coming up short. She finally realized that she was the keeper of the magic. The reason she was feeling a lack was because she wasn't creating the magic.

The parties, the baking, the decorating were all hers.

As mothers, wives, dare I say - grown-ups, we go through a transition that not all of us realized happened. We went from just experiencing the magic to actually being in charge of the magic. Before you want to curl up under the covers and hide from all the added work you've just imagined, let me reassure you -...

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Create Your Office on the GO! Be productive away from Home

productivity Dec 02, 2019
By Suzanna Kaye

Previously I covered how to use your car as your mobile office but now I want to share with you about working while traveling. It's more than just being in your car all the time.

Let's start with the tools you need to stay productive and organized.

Wifi - use a mobile device with your phone provider or tether to your phone. Using the wifi settings.  Grab a hard drive.  Save all your stuff on your hard drive so you're not dependent on your home office. We'll come back to this idea in a minute.

Envelope / Expensify - for reports that don't suck.  To keep your receipts in order.

Last Pass to have your passwords saved in a mobile location. Have your info super locked down, and fingerprint protected! Having this confidence is such a relief. to learn how to create amazing passwords, learn how to do so many wonderful business things! I teach courses on passwords, going paperless, business etiquette and more!

Google Drive -...

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