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The Spark! Blog by Suzanna Kaye

Organizing Memorabilia

organize Oct 01, 2019

By Ruth Zeman

Organizing precious memorabilia can leave most of us shaking in a cold sweat. Afraid to do anything in case we mess it up! 

Between knowing what to save, how to save it and who it was from, the decisions that must be carefully made seem never-ending. This can make dealing with our memorabilia very stressful.

It's enough to tempt the average person to light a match and just watch it all burn.

You're above average. You've probably never had such an irresponsible thought. Trust me, it's tempting.  However, you need to deal with this before our lovely Florida weather makes the decision for you! Otherwise, mold, heat, humidity, will destroy our precious photos, lovely dresses, and fabrics. See below how professionals deal with these issues (in the video).


After watching the video, I'm inspired to press flowers. Aren't you? What a simple, inexpensive, yet extremely romantic way to make a moment in time precious. In our high-tech world, it's...

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Organized for SCHOOL! 5 Tips For Better Grades

productivity Sep 23, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

No joke. You can do this.

Sure you can put organizers in your locker but that's not really what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about better grades because you're organized people! Yeah, better grades! Seriously. Here we go, 5 tips that will help you get better grades: 

Let's start with your BackPack.

You absolutely need binders and folders.  Then you have to put your paperwork INTO the folders, in the binders. This is not rocket science but we all have our moments. I've seen the odd paper slipped into a bag and I know it's wrinkled beyond recognition in moments. The extra step of putting the paperwork into the proper folder and keeping your papers in a binder is key. Your papers are then crisp and easily located when needed. This makes for a better presentation, which makes for a better grade.  Trust me.

Binders with Folders

Since I'm already here, let me tell you about binders and folders. This is a very simple system. Put in a folder per class....

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Unusual Ways To Be More Productive

productivity Sep 20, 2019

Work faster and beat perfectionism! Crazy awesome right?

Hey Beautiful, how are you today? 

I learned this new trick recently but I can't remember where I heard it from. If you can place where I heard this, please let me know in the comments.  I think it was a podcast....

The tip is this, when you're working on a project don't give yourself a set amount of time to get it done but instead set an amount of time to get it finished. It's a matter of thinking about this differently. Did you catch the difference?

We fill the time we're allotted so whether you give yourself one hour or two hours you'll fill that time. However, this time you're going to aim to finish instead of just working on it.

This is a way to put the 80/20 rule into action.

And because I didn't have time to meander about and fiddle with little things, this hard deadline allows me to get it finished fast. I usually tell you to use a timer but this time I used a television show to track. Two Big Bang...

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Unboxing the Root Coding Robot

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2019
By Suzanna Kaye

With Christmas just around the corner, my husband and I got excited about this little robot that teaches code on Kickstarter.

Now you can pick it up on their site or Amazon. It's supposed to teach coding and how to control the robot. Fancy and high tech! Which sounds perfect for our step-daughter who has a sciency engineering mind. We want to encourage and inspire more of that kind of thinking.
This is a drag and drop kind of learning. Very basic. There are three levels. I've explained the level in the video, have a look.

Check back for my update! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. In the meantime head over to their site and check them out!



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Burn this Book!

self-care Sep 13, 2019
By Suzanna Kaye

Hey beautiful, how are you today? I've been talking with my administrator Ruth and we sparked a conversation about a meme we were seeing around the internet. 

When you think about it though, another person's thoughts are more of a reflection of them and not you. So I decided there was a better question to be asking. If you were handed a book that was filled with all the negative things that you've said about yourself, either in your head or in public, would you want to read it?

Should you read it?

That really got me thinking. Because I'm pretty sure my brain has said more negative things about me than anyone else in the world has bothered to say about me. And that's something that very much affects me. Afterall what other people have to say about me or think about me ultimately isn't that important compared to how I'm thinking about and treating myself.


The things you say about yourself affect you every single day. Almost in every way. So let's...

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Organizing: Pets!

pets Sep 09, 2019

It was a bright and sunny day in Orlando Florida. Just another day in paradise, when you hear - "Organize Your Pets" from the girl next to you.

"Organize my pets huh? So my dog could learn to like, clean up?", you ask.  Remembering that you saw a dog on YouTube vacuuming.

"Yeah, I could totally go for that." You say nodding your head emphatically.

"Nope, sorry. That's not it." Says the delightful redhead from Spark! Organizing LLC.

The one they call, Suzanna.

"So it's like that other YouTube video where the dogs help bring in the groceries? Line up to go to dinner?" You respond, thinking quickly on your feet. You could really get excited about this.

"No", Suzanna replies with a grin, ready to explain.

"Why not?" You ask getting slightly annoyed that this isn't something super cool.

"Cause we're organizers not dog trainers?!" Suzanna quips. "Although if you know a trainer that is teaching that, I've got a Solo and a Elby ready to learn"

"That would be sooo cool" You say...

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Life Changing Magic of Conquering Your Junk Drawer!

organization Sep 06, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

Are you ready to try some life-changing magic? I promise there no "sacrifices" involved. 

While I think it's magical to toss junk to the curb, there are plenty of items that are quite necessary in today's world we must keep.

Twist ties, cable ties, zip ties, paperclips, husbands, that penny that you picked up that special time with so and so.

You get the idea.


You, of course, have it under control. You're a brilliant human being who understands everything has a place and you know where it is. Your problem is that you live with other human beings who expect you to find that place for every single little item to walk the face of the earth.

Sadly we can't just hug these items, thank them, and toss them in the trash. So we do the next best thing we put them in the drawer of delayed decisions. Also known as.... (sad trumpet sound - wa wa wa).... the junk drawer. The drawer with batteries and that last stick of gum.

The drawer you have to jiggle to get...

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Organize the Little Things with an Over the Door Organizer!

organizing Sep 02, 2019

By Ruth Zeman

Oh the little things...

Batteries, pencils, twist ties, rubber bands, legos, toiletries, tea candles, you know, the little things. Stuff you really do need but they're just begging to be organized. You already know I'm not going to tell you to throw them in a drawer and forget about it.

Nope. Not this girl.

I'm going to give you great tips for ways to make those little things look beautiful and be right at your fingertips when you need them!

Let's start in the heart of the home!

The kitchen.

An over the door organizer doesn't have to hang over a door. What!? Right!

Use hardware or my personal favorite 3M hooks, to hang on a wall.

Inside a pantry, just outside the kitchen door in the garage, you name it. Put those handy wipe, cleaners, fresh rags or sponges there. Baking soda, vinegar, cleaners, brushes, and other cleaning tools. In fact, this would work just as well in the laundry room as the kitchen.

Consider putting water bottles, Ziploc boxes, foil,...

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Room by Room Organizing the Lazy Way

organizing Aug 30, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

What's the Lazy way to Organize you ask?

Trust me, you're gonna like this. Basically, it's tips from the experts (us - you got that we're the experts right?) on how to make organizing effortless.


Your house on AUTO-PURGE

I know, you're skeptical. You have kids, pets, a husband. You know they couldn't possibly be trained. But maybe they could be trained? Picture this, your children cleaning the room. You're in the kitchen baking cookies. They come and ask for you to inspect their work... It's amazing. Love swells in your heart as you pull freshly baked cookies out of the oven to their cheers of delight.

Yeah, that's just a fantasy. I figured if I had to suffer from reality you can too.....

So back to the Lazy Way.

For starts, we buy our cookies at the store. It's easier and doesn't heat up the house or make extra dishes. lazy way

Grab a Large Bin. Put it in a closet or a spot in the garage. I have it in my entryway closet at the bottom. It's for charity. Get in...

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Confession of an Organizer: Baskets

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

Baskets aren't an addiction. How do I figure that? Well, there are no support groups. As long as there are no support groups, I'm going to stick with it's not an addiction.

Of course, by this logic my Amazon shopping habits aren't a problem either.....

Let's get real though, baskets can actually be a problem. I love baskets, containers, bags, bins, and find them to be beautiful, functional and useful. However, I've seen the dirty side.

Dare I say, their dark side. baskets

Baskets can be clutter. Plus, they need to be cleaned due to lots of places for dust to collect. They're an expensive habit.

Let's talk about a classic problem situation. You seriously want to get organized so you start on Pinterest. Seduced by photos of sleek closets and beautifully organized pantries you contemplate, "Container Store or Family Dollar.... hmm.." You make your decision and go. Loading your shopping cart with cute containers, woven containers, fabric bins.

Visions of sleek closets dance...

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