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The Spark! Blog by Suzanna Kaye

My husband thinks he's lazy : Love Letter email from 02.21.19

loveletter Feb 22, 2019

By Suzanna Kaye

(Originally a Love Letter email sent to the IN list. Not on the list? Want these letters in your inbox? Join Here.)


Hey, Beautiful.


OK, so here’s the random thought I had this week…..


Have you ever felt like you were lazy? Or, like your partner, kid or someone else was? Yeah, I’ve felt that way, too.


Then, a little while ago, my husband admitted to me that he thought he was lazy. That he didn’t carry his weight in housework. And at first I thought - “You’re right! Every time I’m doing housework you’re just sitting on the couch.”


But, thankfully, I didn’t say that. Because once I really thought about it, I saw the bigger picture.


Now, it IS true - whenever I was doing housework he was just sitting on the couch. But, the fact is, I’m a morning person. I love to get up and get my day started. It’s my time of higher energy and productivity. I get the kettle...

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Is it laziness? Or is it something deeper? Relationships and help around the house

loveletter Feb 22, 2019

By Suzanna Kaye

(Based on a reply I received my Love Letter email - "My Husband Thinks He's Lazy". To get on the Love Letters list Join Here.)


First, Can I just say how much I absolutely love reading all of your replies to my Love Letter emails? Seriously - my heart flutters and smiles when I see them.


One reply I got from the My husband thinks he’s lazy love letter got me to go deeper into the housework, energy and love dynamic. (I love it when these conversations create even deeper ones!)


Here’s what “A” wrote in reply to my Love Letter:


No, I think my husband's just lazy.  He works full-time, but so do I.  Once he gets home, he wants to sit on the couch and watch TV...and wants me to sit with him!  My problem is once I sit still for more than 10 minutes, I'm done.  Lots of days nothing gets done around the house.  I find it very frustrating and depressing to come home and...

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