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The Spark! Blog by Suzanna Kaye

Burn this Book!

self-care Sep 13, 2019
By Suzanna Kaye

Hey beautiful, how are you today? I've been talking with my administrator Ruth and we sparked a conversation about a meme we were seeing around the internet. 

When you think about it though, another person's thoughts are more of a reflection of them and not you. So I decided there was a better question to be asking. If you were handed a book that was filled with all the negative things that you've said about yourself, either in your head or in public, would you want to read it?

Should you read it?

That really got me thinking. Because I'm pretty sure my brain has said more negative things about me than anyone else in the world has bothered to say about me. And that's something that very much affects me. Afterall what other people have to say about me or think about me ultimately isn't that important compared to how I'm thinking about and treating myself.


The things you say about yourself affect you every single day. Almost in every way. So let's...

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