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Time Management: The Best of the Basics

time management Nov 18, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

Step ONE: Do the biggest nastiest task first. Eat that frog!
I don't know about you but if I have a big nastiest ugly toad looming over my day.... it makes everything harder. I've built it up into something paralyzing.

Doing that tiny but nasty little frog first, I'm a success! I feel like a winner!

Also, you are already quite productive because you have to identify which task is the frog. It's amazing how wonderful this time management tip is!


Computer work, emails, phone calls, project work. This is four different types of work, requiring your brain to flip from one thing to the other. Draining your mental energy.
While it's not a huge amount of time, if you can be within one system you can complete more tasks altogether without brain drain. Allowing you to focus more.

I even schedule my batching so that I know the time I'm going to fill. Check out my bullet journal or rocket book posts to learn more.


A huge concept. Planning for things...

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Time Management Tools We Love!

time management Nov 08, 2019
By: Suzanna Kaye

I've shared tips before and you can find them on this blog, Facebook or YouTube but this time I want to go over my absolute favorites! 

I've mentioned a ton of tips and the point isn't to use them all. It's about finding solutions that work for you! So please don't let all these tips and tools overwhelm you. They really aren't meant to be used by one person in one day but rather tools you can pick and choose from to be your best you.


Sometimes my brain is like kittens on red bull and I need help staying on task. Focused.

This week my brain is all over the place. I'm having a hard time focusing which in turn leads to procrastination. Which is a great segway to my first tool!

A humble timer.

The key here is to pick one that does NOT tick. Ticking just feels like a time bomb. Don't add anxiety to your tasks, go for the silent timer. I use this in different ways.

If you're like me, getting off track, (Facebook anyone?), in order to stay on top of work I...

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