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The Spark! Blog by Suzanna Kaye

Creating Summer Memories

organizing travel Aug 12, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

Vacations with the kids – how do you make these memories last?

Postcards and magnets are all fun, but to create true and lasting memories you want to go deeper. The best way to create positive memories that will last through adulthood is to focus on the quality time spent together as a family.

Start your vacation when you leave your house – not when you reach your destination.

Speed is not a goal, explore exciting discoveries along the way and get to know each other, too. When you see a sign for the world’s largest ball of twine – pull over and check it out! The excitement of discovery and the unknown is half the adventure. Plan spontaneity if you have to.


A long car ride can also be the perfect opportunity to get to know your children. Get a book of questions or create your own ahead of time. Questions such as “What is your favorite toy and why?” or “If you could be any animal in the world what would you be? Why?” are...

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Top Travel Safety Tips for How to Keep your Kids Out of Harm's Way

travel Jul 22, 2019
By Ruth Zeman

Keep your children safe with these travel safety tips

The holidays are a time when many of us travel.

Plus, everyone has a better trip when they feel and stay safe.

We all tend to get excited or distracted when going to visit relatives or on vacation. So it's important when traveling with your kids to follow these general travel safety tips that will help you through airport security, managing good health and more. 

Safety Tips

The following are important general safety tips to follow no matter how you are getting to your destination:

  • Put an ID necklace or tag on your child for when traveling in airports, train stations, etc. Be sure to include your contact information and an alternate contact's information. Do not put your child’s name in a visible place as this can be used to lure your child away from you. Their name should be on the inside or backside of the ID.
  • Bring a photo of your child in case you get separated. Make sure it is a physical copy in...
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Take the STRESS out of Travel!

travel May 17, 2019


Take the STRESS out of Travel!

Author: Ruth Zeman

While we love to travel here at Spark, we have a friend who is literally an expert in the field. Yes, we have friends!

WELCOME our friend: Rachelle from

Before you head over to her site and pour over her truly gorgeous photos bookmark this list!

She's made us a list of her very BEST packing tips to take the stress out of travel.  She would know, she travels constantly. Whether you're flying by plane, driving, or cruising, these are the tips you need to thrive.

My personal favorite is her tips on staying healthy.

She understands my desire to eat myself under the table while on vacation but how I also don't want to dread the scale upon returning to normal. Suzanna doesn't feel the same way, she's someone who actually forgets to eat. I don't know if I've ever forgotten....

I digress.

You're going to want to read them all - so do bookmark this list.

Thanks Rachelle for putting this together!

Here's a...

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